Raw Fury #3

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Raw Fury #3 (ISSN 2327-6002) published by IS Press, Denver in conjunction with Flatlands Studio, Chicago.

Raw Fury #3 is 7.5” square, perfect-bound, 60 page annual book on mixed paper stock with rounded corners. The covers are screen printed and letterpress printed on 140lb. French speckletone black paper. A screen printed poster by Cujo and a vinyl Raw Fury sticker is included.

Raw Fury #3 IS a local scene ‘zine, and a ridiculously fancy annual book with professional editorial standards, that focuses on contemporary urban art from Chicago and Denver.

Raw Fury #3 includes interviews with Dread, Max Kauffman, THOR, and Ryan Duggan and the work of Eric Von Haynes, Cujo, Oscar Arriola, ABATOR, Institute of Sociometry, , Michael Bernhardt, Barry Whittaker, Heather Link-Bergman, Alice Lam, EFFIXX, Randi Drozd, Rahmaan Statik, and David Cuesta.