Raw Fury #2

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Raw Fury #2
by Peter Miles Bergman & Eric Von Haynes
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Raw Fury #2 is SOLD OUT!

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Raw Fury #2 (ISSN 2327-6002, published by is PRESS, Denver in conjunction with Flatlands Studio, Chicago.) Download the media kit

Raw Fury #2 is 7.5” square, perfect-bound, 60 page annual book on mixed paper stock with rounded corners. The covers are screen printed and letterpress printed on 140lb. French Pink Lemonade paper. A navy and silver print by Frank Kwiatkowski off of engraved traffic cones and printed on a Vandercook letterpress is included.

Raw Fury #2 IS a local scene ‘zine, and a ridiculously fancy annual book with professional editorial standards, that focuses on contemporary urban art from Chicago and Denver. Distribution will be to the finest ‘zine emporiums in Denver, Chicago, Brooklyn, Baltimore, Melbourne and on ispress.bigcartel.com.

Raw Fury #2 features the contributions of 23 artists.
In order of appearance: Brooks Golden, Oscar Arriola, m[i]le[s], JOLT, Rubén Aguirre, Mary Valdez, Bimmer Torres, Bunny M, Frank Kwiatkowski, Molly Youngblood, Mark Sink, Jock Sturges, Kristen Sink, Ed Ross, Mike Fudge, Brandon Pickett, Heather Link, Anthony Lewellen, Uriel Correa, Michael Boswell, Paco Barba, Eric Von Haynes, Dred 88

Peter Miles Bergman and Eric Von Haynes editors. Contributors listed above
2014 | Edition of 150